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Mad Realities is building a new future of entertainment by allowing audiences to influence and control the content they consume and giving creatives a platform to distribute and unlock their most genius ideas.

We’re mad. And you should be too. Because the reality is, creatives have two choices in the current age. They can either bootstrap their audiences on big tech platforms like YouTube or TikTok — where they’re at the mercy of algorithms and paid pennies on the dollar for their work — or, they can sell their ideas to a network, forfeiting creative control and signing on to steep deals undercut by middle men, where a handful of executives make decisions about what gets funded.

We’re entering a new age where we write the rules. In our alternate reality, we’re asking you to lean in, suspend disbelief, and envision the future of entertainment with us. Your participation is what makes this colorful, loud and mad place real. In the Mad Realities universe, your choices build the content. You own the drama you vote on and you help us tell stories we don’t see in today’s Hollywood. We’re creating a future of entertainment that’s finally worth participating in.

Reality is mad. instead.

New age entertainment platform, powered by you.

Reality is mad. instead.

New age entertainment, powered by you.