The Creator Collective is a new, invite-only program that helps boundary-pushing creators develop social-first shows powered by interactivity.


We’re working with a handful of creators to partner with across both production and monetization, leveraging the new forms of interactivity we’ve built to give fans the power to influence the content they consume while providing creators with new revenue streams in the process.


Sorry, I don’t like reading paragraphs – what is this?

Mad Realities is working with boundary-pushing creators to develop unique social-first shows powered by interactivity.

What does “powered by interactivity” even mean?
First off, don’t appreciate your tone here, but basically it means that your fans are able to earn rewards ($MAD) by influencing the content you create. We have a few interactive features available at launch and will be working with the Creator Collective to test out even more!
What’s $MAD? Is this some new cryptocurrency?
No! $MAD is a virtual currency redeemable in our aptly-named MAD Store, a marketplace featuring exclusive merchandise, digital goods, and access to events from members of the Creator Collective and Mad Realities itself. Members of the Creator Collective will receive a cut of all sales from the MAD Store.
What do I even get out of it?
Again, tone, but creators in the Collective recieve: 
  • Production support from Mad Realities to develop your own original show
  • Early access to sick interactive technology that deepens fan engagement
  • Custom-built landing page that houses all of your show’s interactive elements (& more!)
  • Ability to be part of a loving, caring family of fellow innovative creators <3
I’m not a creator. How else can I plug in?
Great question! You can sign up HERE for early access to interact with content on the Mad Realities platform. We’re also hiring for a production coordinator and video producer/editor hybrid role for the collective.

Have more questions? Text CREATOR to 917-810-3314 and our team will get back to you ASAP!

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